Popping the Bubble Wrap
Popping the Bubble Wrap

Episode · 3 months ago

Welcome to Popping the Bubble Wrap


We know you’re the Household Safety officer in your home. The parent or guardian who’s constantly worried about things like buckling the kids into the car seat properly, slips and falls, playground hazards and all the other stuff that goes into keeping your family safe and healthy.

But you don’t want your kids to live in bubble wrap! You want to manage the risks and hazards so you can feel peace of mind and so your family can engage in safe play and fun. This podcast is all about Popping the Bubble Wrap. We’ll bring you conversations from ‘the kitchen table’ with Canadian parents just like you, as we share, learn and laugh all about being safe at play, on the move and at home.

Hosted by Pamela Fuselli of Parachute Canada www.parachute.ca and produced by Story Studio Network www.storystudionetwork.com. 

Hi, my name is Pamela Fe Sally and I'm the host of popping the bubble wrap. Are you the person in your family that worries about safety? Are you the person who worries about other people in your family? Are you yelling? Yes, that's me, yeah, that's me. This is the podcast for you. We don't want to bubble wrap kids. We want them to be active. You think they're safer in the house or not walking to the playground or walking to school by themselves, but in fact that creates a whole another set of risks for them physically and mentally, not getting the physical activity, not getting out there and playing with their friends and developing relationships and problem solving. We want to balance. You want to balance that. Have Fun, get out there, do all the things that you want to do. You want to do that over and over again, and to be able to do that you need to be aware of some of the safety risks so you can take action. Some things you do once and that's all you have...

...to do. Turning the hot water tank down to a degree that doesn't scald you instantly, you only have to do that once. There's other things that you have to do on a regular basis. So you have to put a helmet on every time you ride a bike, putting the medication away locked up high. When kids are small, when they're under five, their development is so quick. I mean from one day to the next they're rolling over when they couldn't, or they're walking when they couldn't, and so their their risks change on a on a regular basis because now when they're walking they can reach things they couldn't reach when they were crawling. The spaces that our kids playing are much safer than they were in years gone by. You may remember, you know, burning yourself on that metal slide as you went down on a summer day. In some cases they've become too safe. I think the pendulum has swung maybe too far in one direction. They've taken the choice of the child of the play equation. The way that we want kids to play is...

...exposing them to enough risk, but not exposing them to hazards. You could think about a hazard as a broken piece of equipment and broken glass, those types of things. Those are not things that would facilitate child play and pushing the limits. What we want is varying types of risks. We want play spaces to have the ability to offer kids a bit of risk, but not that hazard. I think the concept of safety is don't do it, and that's absolutely not what we're saying. I often get pushed back about Oh, you just want to bubble wrap kids, and that's absolutely not the case. Popping the bubble wrap is a new show hosted by Pamela Fu Sally and produced for parachute by the story studio network.

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