Popping the Bubble Wrap

Popping the Bubble Wrap

By Parachute Canada and Story Studio Network


We know you’re the Household Safety officer in your home. The parent or guardian who’s constantly worried about things like buckling the kids into the car seat properly, slips and falls, playground hazards and all the other stuff that goes into keeping your family safe and healthy.

But you don’t want your kids to live in bubble wrap! You want to manage the risks and hazards so you can feel peace of mind and so your family can engage in safe play and fun. This podcast is all about Popping the Bubble Wrap. We’ll bring you conversations from ‘the kitchen table’ with Canadian parents just like you, as we share, learn and laugh all about being safe at play, on the move and at home.

Hosted by Pamela Fuselli of Parachute Canada and produced by Story Studio Network.